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British Columbia

British Columbia is located in the westernmost side of Canada. The British Provincial Nominee (BC-PNP) program is operated by the province of B.C. in conjunction with the federal government of Canada to meet B.C emerging market needs. There are two programs offered under the BC-PNP:


A: Skills immigration: Applying as a worker


There are 5 different options to apply under this category:

Skilled workers

This is especially for the candidates who a highly skilled i.e. are under the NOC leve 0, A or B on the NOC Matrix 2011. Examples include: managers, professionals or people in the skilled trades.

1. Health care professionals

This category is for the professionals in the health care area like registered nurses, physicians, health care workers etc.

2. International Graduates

Candidates who have a degree or a diploma from a Canadian college or a university or individuals who have a masters degree or a PHd in natural, applied or health sciences can apply for this and they DO NOT require a job offer

3. Entry level or semi-skilled workers in tourism/hospitality, food processing and long-haul trucking

4. Entry level or semi-skilled worker who are living in the northeast region of British Columbia


B: Business immigration


There are 4 different options to apply for a BC-PNP and an investor:

1. Entrepreneur category

For candidates who has a net worth of at least $800,000 and is ready to invest $400,000 to either start a new business or purchase an existing business

2. Regional Entrepreneur Category

This is for applicants who have a personal net worth of $400,000 and is ready to invest $200,000 to start or purchase an existing business in areas other than Vancouver and Abbotsford metropolitan areas.

3. Strategic Projects Category

A company who intends to set up a B.C. based branch office or subsidiary with an equity investment of at least $500,000 can be eligible to apply for this category of nomination

4. Regional Business Succession Option

This is a good option for people who want to purchase or expand an existing business in British Columbia in area excluding Vancouver and Abbotsford metropolitan areas.

5. Farming Business Only



With the new express entry coming in place in January 2015, applicants with the QSC can have their permanent residency application processed as quickly as 6 months.

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