If you are a skilled worker with a bachelor’s degree and a good English command, this is the program for you. Apply now if you are looking to immigrate to Canada with your family to permanently work and live there.


Express Entry Program is an online immigration application system used by the government of Canada to manage the Canadian Permanent Residence applications. EE to Canada was first started in Jan 2015. EEP was started to facilitate the express immigration of skilled workers to Canada.

Skill-Type-0: management, managers, or office managers
Skill-Level-A: professional degree holders such as chemists, Doctors or pharmacists, etc
Skill-Level-B: technical workers holding a diploma in administration etc
Skill-Level-C: high school diploma holders i.e. truck drivers, receptionists, etc

Canada Express Entry Visa

Benefits of Express Entry Visa

  • Have a direct role in recruiting skilled workers
  • Be matched with candidates through Job Bank
  • Apply for a free Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Who can apply for permanent residence under Express Entry?

In order to be eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry system, a candidate must be a graduate with at least three years of relevant work experience. There is no age restriction to make applications. But applicants above 45 years won’t get any points for age in the CRS. The applicants must prove their linguistic ability through recognized language tests. Though Express Entry does not have any eligible occupation list or caps, a candidate must have skilled work experience in a National Occupational Code (NOC) 0, A or B job, to be eligible under the system.

Benefits of the Express Entry system

Faster processing of applications:

Through the Express Entry system, one can obtain a Canada PR visa within just six months or less. The time period starts from the date of submitting the application. Before the introduction of the Express Entry system, when the application system was paper-based, there were a lot of obstacles that often delayed the processing. Documents used to get lost or misplaced in transition. The wait times for physical mail to arrive also used to delay the application processing.

Canada PR benefits

Permanent residence in Canada comes with a lot of benefits. First of all, it gives you the freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada and bring your family to Canada. You get to enjoy social benefits such as free public education for children and healthcare facilities. While being a permanent resident in Canada, you need not pay tax on the income you earn outside Canada. Moreover, you enjoy pension benefits and retirement benefits when you become a permanent resident.

Would you like to find out more or check if you are eligible? If yes, please use the APPLY NOW to check your eligibility.

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