If you wish to set up a Business in the UK or if you wish to expand your current overseas business to the UK, you may find that the Self Sponsorship route is the ideal way to work and live in the UK. It is important to note that there is no official visa called the ‘Self Sponsorship Visa’ but rather a route to enter the UK under the Skilled Worker Visa category.


The Self Sponsorship Visa will allow you to set up a UK company who will then sponsor you to come and work in the UK. Unlike the Innovator Visa, there is no minimum investment required into the business and you can hold shares in the business.

This Visa route is ideal for experienced business people or a person who has explored the UK business space and is keen to explore opportunities to set up a new business in the UK. The applicant will need to obtain a Sponsor Licence which will then allow the Company to sponsor the applicant.

There is no minimum or maximum investment
The business may sponsor more unsettled workers in the future to meet their requirment
Leads to UK citizenship
You can bring your partner/spouse and children to the UK

UK Self Sponsor Visa

Benefits of the Residency

  • Expand your business to the UK
  • Dependants, including spouse and children can be included
  • Leads to UK citizenship and a Passport
  • Access to medical and education for the family
  • Sponsor more employees in the future

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