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Canadian Passports

Permanent residents who qualify for Canadian citizenship can apply for a Canadian passport once they have received the citizenship. To qualify for the Canadian citizenship, individuals should meet the following criteria:


–  Age

Individuals need to be at least the age of 18 to apply for a Canadian passport. If the individual is under 18, the individual must be child parent, adoptive parent or legal guardian, the child must be a permanent resident or one of the child parent must be a Canadian citizen


–  Permanent Residence status

To apply for the Canadian passport the candidates permanent resident status must not be in question. The individual should not be under a review for any frauds or under a removal order


–  Time lived in Canada

The candidate must have lived for 3 years i.e. 1095 days in 4 years preceding the date he applies for the citizenship/passport


–  Ability of English or French language

The candidate needs to prove his ability in English or French.


–  Criminal history

A candidate to qualify for citizenship should not have been convicted of any criminal offence or being investigated for any kind of crime. Nor the candidate should have had his Canadian citizenship taken away in the past 5 years.


–  Knowledge of Canada

A person to become a citizen of Canada should have a knowledge of Canada history, values, institutions and symbols.

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