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Australian Immigration has been a front runner in the Immigration field over the past few years. After Immigration to the UK & US narrowed down their settlement options to foreign workers, Australia managed to capture global talent and especially the expertise that is required in the Australian labour market. It has a well-planned Immigration system that focuses on the skills that cannot be found in the country and are therefore outsourced from overseas.


The Immigration system in Australia is classified into subclasses which encompasses different sections of Immigration law. Student Visas, Business Visa and Family Visas have a regulated system that has certain requisites common in other systems. The Skilled Migration route however, is modeled on the occupational requirements making it more stringent in welcoming foreign Immigrants to Australia.


Our Australian Visas sections are overview on the various Immigration options available and the subclasses that fall under them. Kindly note this is a brief compilation of the visa sections and the entire process require a comprehensive research that can only be handled by experts. If you wish to have your profile evaluated professionally, proceed to the free assessment section and we will be in touch for a detailed discussion of your eligibility.

Types of Australian Visa- 189 visa, 190 visa and more

Every person other than a citizen of Australia or New Zealand who requires entering Australia will need a visa. People holding a passport of other countries will need to apply for a visa before they can leave the home country while those holding New Zealand passports can apply for a visa on arrival. There are different reasons to why you would need an Australian visa.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection or the DIBP take care of the citizenship and immigration in Australia. The government here has strict supervision on people moving in and out of the country. If you are in Australia, your documents should be updated. It is important that you approach a skilled migration, Australia company that will competently process your visa application.

You can apply for an Australian visa manually or online. Since things work smoothly digitally, it would be rather comfortable and easy for you to fill it online. You can depend on Global Migrate for your visa application. We offer free eligibility assessments that are updated with the up-to-date visa and immigration laws. There are different types of visa which is available in Australia. Some of them are as follows:

  • Australian Work Visa –This visa permits you to stay in the country and work here for 4 years and apply for a permanent visa after 2
  • Working Holiday Visa – This is especially for youth who are looking to travel and earn while they are on their tour. You have to be under 31 for this visa.
  • Permanent Residency – The permanent visa permits skilled workers to come and work here under an Australian employer. There is a 189 visa, Australia that is not sponsored by an Australian employer instead it is an independent visa that permits the holder to live and work anywhere in Australia. You can also go for the 190 visa, Australia which tests skilled individuals and if they qualify the test they can live and work in Australia just like a permanent citizen without actually being one. There are many more categories which fall under this section you can apply for the one that you are eligible for.
  • Australian Visit Visa – You can explore Australia with your family on this visa.
  • Australian Parent Visa – You can come and stay with your family as a dependant. There are different categories in this family visa which differ for a parent, child or orphan.
  • Business Visa – If you want to expand your business overseas and find Australia to be a profitable place then you can apply for a business visa. Different businesses have different migration requirements.
  • Investment Opportunities – For those who want to invest in Australia can apply for this visa. This is a special visa that holds many benefits.
  • Australian Citizenship – Those who have lived here for five years continuously are qualified for Australian citizenship. They may also qualify through other legal ways. Our Australia visa experts at Global Migrate will guide you through the details and counsel you how to go about getting citizenship if you qualify for it.
  • Partner Visa – Someone who is married to an Australian citizen or is in a de facto relationship with a permanent resident of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand can easily get a partner visa.
  • Child Visa – Australian parents who have adopted a child from a different country can apply for an Australian child visa for them. There are different child visa’s in this section.

You can have your profile evaluated by our Australia visa experts after you go through a free assessment section and we will stay connected with you and help you with the best that we can offer as per your eligibility.

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