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Australian Immigration has been a front runner in the Immigration field over the past few years. After Immigration to the UK & US narrowed down their settlement options to foreign workers, Australia managed to capture global talent and especially the expertise that is required in the Australian labour market. It has a well-planned Immigration system that focuses on the skills that cannot be found in the country and are therefore outsourced from overseas.


The Immigration system in Australia is classified into subclasses which encompasses different sections of Immigration law. Student Visas, Business Visa and Family Visas have a regulated system that has certain requisites common in other systems. The Skilled Migration route however, is modeled on the occupational requirements making it more stringent in welcoming foreign Immigrants to Australia.


Our Australian Visas sections are overview on the various Immigration options available and the subclasses that fall under them. Kindly note this is a brief compilation of the visa sections and the entire process require a comprehensive research that can only be handled by experts. If you wish to have your profile evaluated professionally, proceed to the free assessment section and we will be in touch for a detailed discussion of your eligibility.

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