Residency Visa in New Zealand

Types of Resident Visa Available in New Zealand. New Zealand is a clean, green, economically stable and safe country to live. Hence, many individuals apply for permanent residency to benefit from the quality infrastructure of this country. You may apply for the resident visa of New Zealand on different grounds.

➞ Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa

If you have skills to contribute to the economic growth of New Zealand, then you may apply for a resident visa under this category. You are supposed to send an ‘Expression of Interest’ to receive invitation from the government of New Zealand which may contain information regarding your qualifications, employment in New Zealand and your work experience.

➞ Long Term Skill Shortage List (Resident Visa)

You may have been employed in New Zealand for more than two years and may have a work-visa for ‘Long Term Skill Shortage List’. In this scenario, you may apply for a ‘resident visa’ under this category if your present salary is NZ $45,000 or greater. It is crucial to have a full-time employment for an applicant to be considered eligible for this resident visa.

➞ Partner of a New Zealander Resident Visa

The partner of a citizen/resident of New Zealand may apply for ‘resident visa’ under this category. It is essential for an applicant to live with his/her partner for at least five years before getting the eligibility to apply for a ‘resident visa’ under this category. Your partner’s residence status may depend upon his/her Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residence. He/she may even have ‘resident return’ visa. In these scenarios, you can apply for ‘resident visa’ only if your partner lives in New Zealand at the time of application.

➞ Parent Retirement Resident Visa & Dependent Child Resident Visa

The parents of an adult child who is a resident/citizen of New Zealand may apply for the ‘resident visa’ under this category. To apply for this resident visa, your annual income is supposed to be NZ $60,000 and you are supposed to invest NZ $1 million for four years. You are supposed to have an additional NZ $500,000 to apply for a ‘resident visa’ under this category.

If you are a resident/citizen of New Zealand, then you may apply for a ‘resident visa’ for your dependent child.

➞ Investor-1, Investor-2 & Entrepreneur Resident Visa

An experienced businessperson with a minimum fund/asset of NZ $3 million may apply for a resident visa under the ‘Investor-2’ category. On the other hand, a businessperson may apply for ‘resident visa’ under the ‘Invest-1’ category if he/she has NZ $10-million to invest over a period of three years. An applicant is supposed to send an EOI to receive an invitation from the government of New Zealand. This EOI is supposed to inform the government regarding the business experience and investment capacity of an applicant.

You may have operated the business in New Zealand for two years on another visa or may have been self-employed in this country for at least six months. In such scenarios, you may apply for ‘resident visa’ under the category of Entrepreneur Resident visa.

➞ Subsequent Resident Visa & Permanent Resident Visa

If your primary resident visa expires, then you may apply for a ‘Subsequent Resident’ visa. However, the acceptance of this request depends upon the period of time that is present between the expiry of your primary ‘resident visa’ and the date of application for ‘subsequent resident’ visa. Your commitment to New Zealand before the expiry of your primary visa is another essential factor to consider. To become eligible for ‘permanent resident’ visa, you are expected to live in New Zealand for at least two years as a resident.

The individuals with ‘Talent (arts/culture/sports/accredited-employer) work’ visa or with ‘Entrepreneur Work’ visa can even apply for Resident visa. Some categories of ‘Resident Visa’ in New Zealand are applicable to individuals belonging to a community or associated with a field of work, such as –

➣ Religious Worker Resident Visa

➣ Samoan Quota Resident Visa

➣ Pacific Access Category Resident Visa

➣ Intercountry Adoption Resident Visa

➣ South Island Contribution Resident Visa

➣ Pitcairn Islander Resident Visa

➣ Refugee Family Support Resident Visa

With such great benefits in terms of good living, education and prosperous working, it is wise to apply for a residency visa in New Zealand through a reliable agency approved by the Government.

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