Canada Express Entry Program

Canada’s Express Entry Immigration system has been a boom to many Immigration aspirants worldwide. It provides a pathway to permanent settlement in Canada for the entire family. With liberal and accommodating Immigration policies, Canada Immigration has been paved the way for skilled overseas workers to migrate to Canada and settle in the country. Canada Express Entry Program

Express Entry from all over the World:-
Under the new Express from UK Entry system, an applicant’s score is calculated using the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) based on the applicant’s skills, education, language ability, work experience and a few other factors.

Are you a skilled worker? Do you want to move to Canada and live & work permanently in Canada, and work in a skilled job?

People who have a dream of migrating to Canada can expect it to become a reality with the help of the Express Entry Canada program. Express Entry program allows skilled workers to obtain Canada permanent residency within a few months.

What is Express Entry Canada?

Express Entry is an online immigration application system used by the government of Canada to manage the Canadian Permanent Residence applications. Express Entry Canada was first started in Jan 2015. Express Entry program was started to facilitate the express immigration of skilled workers to Canada. The Express Entry system is efficient in processing times as 80% of applications are processed within 6 months. Of course, this is dependent on the applicant’s documents

Who is Eligible to Apply for this Visa?

  • Must be a graduate with a minimum of 3+ years of experience.
  • Must be 45 years or younger.
  • Must have a good command on the English language.

Canada Express Entry is one of the most popular immigration programs that sends an invitation to the best ranking candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residents. Candidates are ranked based on their age, education, language proficiency, work experience, and other factors.

To find out more and to see if you qualify for the Express Entry program to Canada please fill out the assessment form on this page.