At Global Migrate we know the pressures a client goes through during the visa process. Therefore, we are proud to provide you with top quality customer service. We are committed to continuous improvement. Our aim is to implement appropriate quality management systems and processes to enable us to deliver the highest quality services.

We will therefore:

Work with our customers and partners to develop our services to meet their needs
Conduct our business in a way that reflects our core values
Create an environment that promotes continuous improvement and knowledge sharing across all stakeholders
Ensure compliance with legal and other applicable standards
Educate and train our people to support the delivery of high quality services

We recognise the importance of monitoring and reviewing our quality management systems. Through continuous monitoring and planned reviews, we have the opportunity to identify improvements to our service.

All while maintaining compliance with legal and ethical standards. This will effectively provide our customers with the confidence that the provision of service will be delivered consistently.

Global Migrate operates a formal, documented management framework which complies with all requirements set by the Immigration Industry. All activities carried out by us which may have an impact on our service to our clients are controlled and monitored to ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout every aspect of the company. This is to satisfy our clients and encourage continual improvement and growth of the company and its reputation.

We aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction and success by providing a service which conforms to all relevant requirements of not only the Industry, but to meet every requirement of each individual customer. Global Migrates operations policy and procedure ensures that all work, from initial enquiry to completion and delivery, is undertaken conscientiously and in a manner which sets and maintains a professional and high standard of service.

Our operating protocol is simple yet diverse to ensure clarity and quality in every aspect of the company. Every member of our experienced workforce is required to follow the policies and procedures applicable to their area of employment. All procedures and practises, routine or specialised, whether formally documented or personally monitored, are subject to regular analysis, beneficial criticism, updating and improvements. Our operating framework demands that activities are effectively controlled and undertaken according to company policy and the client requirements. To ensure these objectives are met we review our activities at regular intervals.

If it any stage of the service you have any complaints, please follow our complaints procedure and we promise to resolve the issue for you.