Denmark Business Visa

Highly skilled professionals and Businessmen have a great chance at succeeding at a Denmark visa application. It is imperative that they understand what is required from the point of view of the application process. All cited documentation must be set in order and a representative must lodge their application carefully.

Business Visa In Denmark

Currently Denmark has a shortage of skilled workers in certain fields. This list is known as the Positive list.

The list is subject to change at any moment of time therefore please call us to find out if your occupation is on the list. The most recent change was on the 1st of January, which has affected some people. To avoid disappointment you must contact our Danish Immigration specialist by either calling us or taking our free eligibility assessment.

Most common occupations on the list are;

Dentist and Doctors
Deputy Judge
Marine Biologist
IT consultants/Programmers
Social Educators

Recently Denmark Immigration has been on the rise and many people from all over the world have been applying for a visa to Denmark, specialy via the Green Card Route.

If you have education or work experience in any of the above occupations than please call Global Migrate today on +44 (0)2079934762 or fill out our free assessment form using the tool below