Germany Job Seeker Visa (Leading to EU Blue Card)

The European Union has always played a pivotal role in world economics and business. EU citizens enjoy free mobility and a good accessibility to secure employment in any of the EEA nationsThis however, stays quiet a far-fetched goal for non-EU citizens who desire European residency and ultimately European Citizenship. 

The advent of new Immigration programs has managed to eliminate these barriers and welcome skilled workers to Europe. One such program is the Germany Job seeker Visa (Lead’s towards the EU Blue Card) that offers overseas applicants from outside the EU – a pathway to secure employment in Germany and eventually settle in the country. 

How does it work?

The Germany Job seeker Visa is a well devised pathway that targets skilled workers from across the globe interested in Germany Immigration. With a plethora of Employment opportunities and a demand for skilled migrants, this visa category facilitates the interests of qualified applicants like yourself. Global Migrate has been a pioneer and our staff have over 10 years’ experience in dealing with visa’s to Germany. 

Why Germany?

Besides the abundance of scenic beauty, Germany does offer good social security benefits for residents and citizens. It has a low unemployment rate, a good standard of living and highly remunerated job opportunities. It’s no surprise that Germany is one of the most successful and stable economies throughout the world. 

How to understand the Germany Job seeker visa eligibility?

If you are educated to a Bachelor or Master’s degree level in Germany or overseas, this visa is just for you. In addition to that, applicants must ideally have at least 5 years of experience in your field of study. This can be waived off for certain professionals and therefore one must be carefully assessed before proceeding to the application stage. For more information on if you qualify speak to one of the Germany Job Seeker Visa experts at Global Migrate. We can evaluate your education and experience to assess if you are eligible to apply under this job seeker visa and the subsequent EU blue card. 

Experienced professionals

Although the process for this visa is very straightforward, there are stringent rules in order that must be complied with. Having experienced professionals from our team makes it not just simple for you but also gives it a higher success rate as your application is handled professionally and all intricate details are looked after including all the documentation to be lodged.  

Visa conditions:

The Germany job seeker visa is granted to successful applicants for a period of 6 months. These selected individuals can enter Germany and meet potential employers and obtain a job offer. Once they are provided with an employment opportunity, they are eligible to apply for the Germany work permit and eventually the EU Blue Card.

Germany Job seeker Visa Requirements:

The documentation requirements for the Germany Job seeker visa process is minimal, yet there are certain complicated requirements that is easily simplified with the help of our professionals. We also inform you about the financial requirements, education equivalency of your foreign degree in Germany, the requisite documents to be furnished as well as the prescribed format.

Job Seeker Visa Germany details:

This visa category is favored for four crucial reasons: 
To be eligible to apply for the regional sponsored subclass 489 visa you must:

Short Processing times
Low application fees
Migrate to Germany with your family
Pathway to EU residency & citizenship

Ben Francia wisely quoted ‘the distance between dreams and reality is action’. The Germany Job Seeker Visa is a golden opportunity for aspiring foreign qualified and skilled workers to live and establish their life in Germany. If this is an opportunity you would like to seize, kindly use the free assessment tool and a member of our team will contact you to initiate the Germany job seeker visa application at the earliest.