Work in Dubai

Over the past decade, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has amazed the world with a vivid change in its outlook. While maintaining its tradition and rich heritage, it has blended in modern culture in a perfect fusion. The UAE has resurfaced and transformed its reputation to a global platform for expatriates from all over the globe. In the GCC region too, the UAE has much more to offer than its other Middle Eastern counterparts.

The UAE comprises of seven Emirates each distinct from each other. However, Dubai and the capital Abu Dhabi remain the most frequented and popular among expats. They have over the past few years become a major hub for British and Irish nationals who are doing spectacularly well living overseas. Let’s summarize a few reasons why one must consider moving to the UAE:


Living in the UAE

  • Booming business and Investment opportunities
  • A pleasant and multicultural work culture
  • Well remunerated jobs and many incentives
  • A comfortable and fun lifestyle
  • Good weather conditions that lure European tourists
  • A liberal taxation and tax-free regime
  • Safety and security of residents are a paramount responsibility
  • World class infrastructure
  • English is the major language of communication

Perks of working in the UAE

  • Relaxed working hours
  • Shorter working days during Ramadan
  • National Holidays and grand celebrations
  • Due respect for all religions and nationalities
  • 22 days of annual leave for employees
  • No income tax on earnings
  • Good remunerations and a good lifestyle
  • Accommodation and other amenities provided for many occupations

Fun facts about the UAE

  • Working week runs from Sunday to Thursday
  • Hosts some of the most famous attractions worldwide
  • The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is in Dubai
  • The world’s most famous 7-star hotel, Burj – Al – Arab is in Dubai
  • Offers some of the best water parks and amusement parks
  • Stunning beaches and beach clubs
  • Dubai is one of the top cities around the world known for its nightlife

Finding a job in the UAE


Finding employment in the UAE is not a cumbersome task compared to the west. Although, the engineering and oil industry dominate the economy, tourism industry has also raised the bar. Rampant Globalization has also seen the growth of other industries including banking, finance, investment, real-estate, social media, retail and the IT sector. For example, teaching experience in the west is considered as a major asset.

Most search engines display a plethora of opportunities in a wide range of occupations. Once can filter and classify them based on their preference. Organizations with an International presence also tend to hire overseas workers to their UAE branch. Besides, you have recruitment agencies to the rescue to offer you full-time, part-time and even summer internships opportunities. While fluency in Arabic, the local language is considered a bonus, it is not a mandatory requirement as English is the most widely spoken language.

Working Visa for the UAE


Visa on Arrival for British and Irish nationals is 30 days for the UAE. There are also provisions for extension of your visa. Immigration system in the UAE is much simple and allows local Employers to apply for a work permit for foreign nationals whilst in UAE. This residency visa is valid for 2 – 3 years requiring a sponsorship routine and through checks.

If these reasons don’t entice you, it is important that you must head out to UAE to understand why the foreign populace is lured towards the country. If you desire to live an explore the life in the country, we can look for employment avenues for you. Global Migrate is an established and reputed name in the Immigration industry for over a decade. Approach us today to check what we have in store for your field of work and explore opportunities for you in the UAE today!