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Global Migrate – Best Visa & Immigration Consultant in UK UAE PAKISTAN. Global Migrate offers a range of Immigration programs for potential applicants around the world. Our Global Immigration experts ensure that our service is prompt, meticulous and in a timely manner.

Citizenship by Investment

We have expanded our scope of work to Citizenship by Investment programs for European and Caribbean regions. Read further to find out how to obtain a second passport of a European or Caribbean country.

Student Visa Services

Global Migrate assists international students interested in pursuing a quality education overseas in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK. We have specialized packages for applicants at affordable prices.

The Demand and supply theory

The most intriguing principle that Immigration as a system possesses is the demand and supply theory. The need for Immigration arises from the fact that these foreign countries have a scarcity of skilled personnel and are therefore in need of overseas skilled workers to address the labour market requirements. This only substantiates the fact that the country is booming with opportunities for qualified and experienced individuals.

Assessment Criteria

It is imperative that an overseas candidate applying under any of the Immigration programs is scrutinized to ensure that their education and skills meet the required level of competency in the country they intend to Immigrate to. For this very purpose, Immigration applications have certain assessment stages that individuals must comply with. Overseas qualifications and skills do hold significant value in the international market and are considered an asset.

The selection process

Immigration procedures demand thorough checks on the education and experience equivalency of the candidate in the foreign country. A strong emphasis is also laid on linguistic skills of the applicant amongst other factors. According the points based system program, which is the most common feature, applicants around the world are evaluated on certain eligibility criteria’s and a score is designated to them. Those with the highest scores are issued an invitation which provides them a pathway for immigration to the desired country.


This step is the pinnacle of the entire process. Candidates who have submitted documents in a timely manner and also complied with the protocol can then travel to their desired country with their family to settle permanently therein. After a legal residence of a specified term, they are also entitled to apply for citizenship in the country by the process of naturalization.


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Global Migrate is a leading provider of worldwide visas and Immigration services. We are headquartered in the business district of London, United Kingdom and have our subsidiary branches in Dubai, Pakistan, Australia and Canada. Our global sphere of operations and years of par excellence has given us more perspective and versatility in the Immigration sector, certainly giving us an edge over the others. Our reputed organization was established over a decade ago and we continually reform our policies and working etiquettes to meet the current requirements. So rest assured your application is handled with utmost sincerity and professionalism.

Being a regulated enterprise we offer the finest services to our clientele globally. To maintain these standards and an impeccable reputation, we have a team of experienced professionals with expertise in the field of Immigration to cater to our client base. We are registered with the OISC (Office of the Immigration services Commissioner) in the UK, we are affiliated with a member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) in Canada and also have acquired our Immigration trade License in Dubai. Our service is our pride and we strive to maintain it at all times.

The OISC only regulates immigration advice and services provided in relation to all application for UK Visas and Immigration only. As we are a global immigration and emigration law-firm it is vital for all our clients to understand that the OISC does not regulate any immigration advice given for any Visa which is not for the UK to clients present inside UK.

Our Immigration Advisors, Consultants and Caseworkers are regularly trained and equipped to counsel applicants and offer customized plans for their application. At the same time our services are reasonable priced to conform to the client’s comfort. In fact, we offer a free assessment service that clients can avail of before making an informed decision on the course of their application. Browse through our website for more information on our scope of work and the available Immigration programs for UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Europe. We have an extensive range of Immigration options for Permanent Residency, Employment, and Business Visas & Family settlement.

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