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Exciting News for Canada Permanent Residency Seekers! Here's the latest update:

Express Entry Draw: A recent Express Entry draw has just opened up fresh opportunities for those seeking to immigrate to Canada.

Invitations to Apply (ITAs): The IRCC has issued 3200 ITAs to eligible candidates across various immigration programs.

Minimum CRS Score: If you hold a minimum CRS score of 531, you're now one step closer to realizing your dream of obtaining Canada Permanent Residency!

Join the thriving community of successful applicants who have already established Canada as their new home.

Don't let this incredible opportunity slip through your fingers! Embark on your journey towards a new life in Canada today.

Contact us now for a complimentary consultation to explore your options and transform your Canada PR aspirations into a reality!

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UK Announces Major Hike in Visa Fees, New Penalties for Illegal Working

The UK government is planning to raise visa application fees, likely in autumn 2023, with increases ranging from 15% to 20% for various visa types and services. Employers should prepare for higher recruitment costs and consider expediting applications before the fee hike. They're also advised to maximize visa durations for new hires to avoid costly renewals.

Additionally, the Home Office plans to enhance civil penalties for illegal employment in 2024, with fines ranging from £15,000 to £60,000 per illegal worker. Employers must follow Home Office guidelines, conducting thorough right-to-work checks for all employees and maintaining high compliance standards for Sponsorship Licence holders.

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Closure of the Pandemic Event Visa - Australia


📢 Press Release in collaboration with Hon Andrew Giles MP

Breaking News: The Albanese Labor Government to Discontinue Pandemic Event Visa

Starting February 2024, the Pandemic Event visa will no longer accept applications, as the circumstances that initially necessitated its implementation are no longer present, bringing clarity to our visa system.
Commencing from September 2, 2023, only current Pandemic Event visa holders will be eligible to submit applications for this visa category.

All other visa holders will not qualify for the Pandemic Event visa, a temporary measure aimed at safeguarding visa integrity during this transitional phase.
Holders of valid Pandemic Event visas will maintain their lawful status until their existing visas expire.

The phased approach to closing the visa program is part of broader efforts to ensure the Australian visa system effectively meets the needs of its citizens.
Upon inheriting a migration system plagued by backlogs, delays, and extensive waitlists, the Albanese Government has been committed to resolving the challenges left by the previous Liberal Government.
Recent terminations of pandemic-related measures by the Albanese Government include removing the option for unlimited work hours for international students and ceasing work exemptions for Working Holiday visa holders.

These collective measures exert downward pressure on Net Overseas Migration, which is rebounding post-pandemic, and aid the return to pre-pandemic levels of population growth.
Effective September 2, 2023, newly submitted applications will be granted a six-month visa, alongside the introduction of a $405 AUD Visa Application Charge.
These adjustments will further ensure that the visa is exclusively utilized by individuals genuinely requiring to contribute and remain in Australia.

For individuals presently holding a Pandemic Event visa who seek a different visa, meeting the criteria of the targeted visa category is necessary.
Individuals with no alternative visa options are expected to depart Australia upon the expiration of their visa.

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Canada Ranked the Most Attractive Destination for Immigrant Entrepreneurs in 2023

According to the latest Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report, Canada is ranked the most attractive and sought state for entrepreneurs.
Canada is considered one of the most attractive states for immigrant startup founders and entrepreneurs compared to all other OECD countries.

There are 24 OECD countries, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia.
The OECD report suggests that there has been a great interest seen from these countries in attracting immigrant entrepreneurs to promote innovation, job creation, driving economies, and foreign investment.

A study from OECD tells that Canada achieved scores within the upper quartile across all dimensions defined in the framework, excluding the "skills environment." Canada boasts an encouraging regulatory environment for founding or starting new businesses.

Canada extends a wide range of immigration routes and work permits custom-made for entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed individuals.
The ranking given to Canada highlights the state's capacity, which has cultivated a great culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and also invites start-up founders in the country successfully.




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